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The roundness of man's head resembles that of heaven. The Flatness of man's feet models of the earth. As there are four seasons, a man has four limbs. As there are five elements in heaven, a man has five visceral organs. As there are six directions, they are matched with six bowels in man.

As the wind blows from eight directions, a man has eight knots. The nine stars in heaven are matched with nine orifices in the body. The 12 meridians in the body imitate 12 hourly blocks, and 24 seasonal terms are simulated by 24 acupoints in the body. As there are 365 degrees in heaven , a man has 365 joints.

As there are a Sun and a Moon in heaven, a man has eyes and ears. Day and night in heaven are matched with sleep and wakefulness in man. Thunder and lightning in heaven are the same as joy and anger in man. Rain and mist in heaven are the same as tear and mucus in man. Yin and Yang of heaven are represented as chill and fever in man. As there is spring on the ground, a man has meridians. Grass and tree on the earth are equaled by hair growing on the skin. Minerals in nature are interpreted as teeth in man.


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